Polymer “skin” replicates younger skin

Olivo labs developed a crosslinked polymer layer that can be applied to the skin making it look younger, tighter and also can increase hydration as well as absorption of medication applied on skin. The new material is called XPL.

The researchers at the company announced that “the skin-conforming silicone-based polymer has the mechanical properties matching that of youthful skin while enabling additional designs in other properties such as serving as a barrier protection to minimize water loss, creating opportunities in both the aesthetic and medical markets, particularly in the area of drug delivery.”


The study was published on Nature Materials website.  Authors include:  Betty Yu, former Vice President at Living Proof; Robert Langer, Institute Professor, MIT; Daniel Anderson, Associate Professor, MIT; Rox Anderson, MGH; Barbara Gilchrest, MGH; Fernanda Sakamoto, MGH; Soo-Young Kang, Living Proof; Morgan Pilkenton and Alpesh Patel formerly of Living Proof; and Ariya Akthakul, Nithin Ramadurai, and Amir Nashat of Olivo Laboratories. 

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