Athletic enhancement

Sports Performance Enhancement

No physical therapy or surgery provided here! We continue to apply the concept of maximizing performance by injury prevention, nutritional supplementation and hormone balancing.

Exercise can deplete the body of minerals, nutrients and disrupt the balance of hormones due to the increase in “good” stress. Being tired, not motivated to continue your training, stress fractures, muscle and tendon injuries all the way to cardiac problems, including serious ones like arrhythmias can all be caused by inadequate training schedule, lack of recovery time and disrupted levels of mineral, nutrients and hormones.

All sports medicine clients will be required to have an EKG at their PCP office as some cardiac blocks that are not usually felt can become dangerous during exercise or even supplementation with minerals. Measuring hormone levels, like cortisol, can indicate your body’s level of stress and can help modify it. Measuring levels of nutrients and minerals can help you replenish what you need.

We can help you maximize performance, avoid injuries, including the effects of concussion, and exercise safely if you are a weekend warrior, exercising regularly at a moderate level or you are pushing your body with consistent hard training, ultra-training etc.