Wellness Center

Denver Wellness Center

Maximize your health, stay and feel young: for anybody who feels they are in good health but want to maximize and maintain a youthful level of functioning.  We carefully evaluate your current state of health as well as nutritional, vitamin and hormone levels.  Part of the evaluation includes reviewing any current symptoms, lab results of your hormones, mineral, nutrient and amino acid levels, sensitivity to gluten, health status of your gut (microbial, presence of leaky gut syndrome), cardiovascular risks, including evaluation of cholesterol fractions levels and measuring the chromosome telomeres (which correlate to your genetic age), minimize allergies, inflammation and assess need for detoxification.

IV therapy have a major part to play not only in helping certain conditions but also enhancing your health and sense of wellbeing.  Mayer’s protocol, IV Dilute Hydrochloric Acid, Macular degeneration protocol (macular degeneration is the most common cause of blindness in the aging population), Hydrogen Peroxide IV, glutathione and vitamin C are some of the options available.  If you want to get prepared for removing of harmful mercury amalgam dental fillings, the IV therapies can help you do this safely without the increase in the level of mercury in your body during and after the removal of the dental fillings.   IV therapy can also help with detoxification since even with a healthy diet there is still a lot of exposure to toxins from the environment that affect each of us differently depending on a variety of factors.

  • Do you travel and would like to avoid getting sick or getting jet lag?
  • Want to get over the symptoms of cold or flu quickly?
  • Problems sleeping?
  • Prevent effects of sport concussions?
  • prepare to remove amalgam dental fillings?
  • help minimize pain, inflammation and slow healing from surgery?
  • keep a high level of energy and sense well being?
  • help minimize risk of developing macular degeneration?
  • Measure the “Youthfulness” of your Chromosomes.  This is a very exciting new area in our field of expertise! You can check for predisposition to certain illnesses and genetic variants that would influence the way you process nutrients and medications.  In addition, you can actually check your genetic age! Are you younger or older that your chronologic age? If your genetic age is older, there are interventions, which could be monitored through testing, to increase the “youthfulness” of your chromosomes. Of course, since this is all fairly new, insurance companies will not pay for these services and the costs can be quite high, from the $600-700 or more for genetic testing to $200-300 or more for specialized products per month.
  • Cholesterol and heart health: we are able to provide very specific and specialized testing for cholesterol fractions and other areas that would usually not be provided by a non-specialized lab. The research in this area has provided evidence that certain fractions of cholesterol are damaging to your health but not all cholesterol is “bad”. Most labs do not measure all the cholesterol fractions that are significant. Once we established that you have a need to modify your cholesterol we would recommends life style changes, supplements and botanicals as well as IV therapy that can help bring your cholesterol back to healthy levels.