Q: What types of charges are involved?

A: As in all medical care, there are charges involved for doctor’s fees, laboratory fees, and medication/supplement expenses.

Q: Will my insurance pay for these expenses?

A: If you have insurance, the amount for which you are responsible depends on your insurance contract. Most (but not all) insurances will pay for some laboratory blood or urine tests (whether you have a copay or other means for sharing costs is a matter of your contract with the insurance carrier).

Most insurances will not pay for salivary tests but some would.

It is up to you to check with your insurance carrier on which test they would or would not reimburse.

We will try to minimize your expenses by directing you to labs that are in your network for all the tests they could provide. For the labs that are not covered by your insurance you would have to pay out of pocket. These charges are due BEFORE the lab would process your test results and most of the time would be paid directly to the clinic (we maintain contracts with labs and will provide the kits needed, lab draws, mailing kits, etc).

Our providers do not participate in health insurance plans but your insurance might reimburse you directly for full or patial cost of provider fees if you have out-of-network benefits.  You would still be required to pay full price at the time of your appointment. However, if you have out-of-network benefits with your health insurance plan you might get reimbursed for full/part of your expenses.  We would be happy to provide you with a service code and documentation you need if you wish to work with your insurance company on reimbursing you directly for out-of-network provider costs.

Many (but not all) insurances (your drug plan) would pay for or reimburse you for some medications. You should check with your insurance carrier for what your plan would cover, and then investigate options if they are available. Most insurance/drug plans would not pay for vitamins, nutrients or botanicals and some would not pay for all compouded medications.

Many clients have “flex” plans (Flexible Spending Account or FSA)  or HSA account where the patient decides how the funds should be spent on medical care, and, usually (depending on your contract), all of your expenses are reimbursable from these plans. Again, in most circumstances, all of your expenses are reimbursable from these plans so please inquire with your specific plan and let us know if there is anything you need from our office to help with reimbursement.

Please BE WARY of clinics promising low cost for your care.  The costs of lab tests, supplements/nutrients, IV vitamins/minerals/amino acids are fixed and would be the same (or paid for by your insurance) no matter what provider you are seeing.  Generally provider fees are higher for MDs than for FNP or Chiropractors.  Despite what a website would advertise as “low cost” to get you to make an appointment with that particular clinic, your costs would be similar no matter where you go, except for the provider fees as mentioned above or if they provide substandard care.  It can be costly to try a “cheap” clinic first only to have to restart your care at another clinic, as some of our clients found out.  One way to reduce provider fees is to enroll in a yearly concierge program, which we offer for interested clients.

Q: How much is the provider fee?

A: The complete fee schedule is below and every patient has different needs so there is a lot of variability. As a general idea for a typical patient, the initial consultation is one hour $350 (this includes the consultation and the post-visit paperwork/research, so your face-to face time would be approximately 45 min). For a symptom focused initial visit (e.g, you are going on vacation and want help to avoid getting sick or experiencing jet lag) the duration is 15-20 min face to face, total 30 min including post-visit paperwork, calling in prescriptions etc. Follow-up visits are variable depending on your needs, the amount of lab tests to be reviewed, etc, but usually not less than 20 min, including post-visit paperwork (10 min face to face)

Your first follow-up after the initial consultation is generally as soon as test results are available.

Once treatment has started, typically the first follow up visit is 3 months later but it might need to be sooner. If you continue to do well, you will need visits once or twice a year to check your labs and refill your prescriptions. Be advised that prescriptions will not be refilled for more than 30 days without a re-evaluation of your needs.

Needless to say, the time spent in the office can be minimized by being well prepared with your questions. We expect you to participate in your care by doing your homework – for example read about bioidentical hormones on the web, read books on the subject, think about your symptoms, bring a list of any medications or supplements you are currently taking, write down important facts about your medical history and bring it with you, and use some common sense. The more you expect done for you, the more it will cost. For the most part, the extent to which you are prepared will determine how much you have to pay. Please come to the office at least 30 mins early to have time to fill in paperwork. We would also expect to see a full physical exam done by your PCP and also ob-gyn exam for women and prostate exam for men depending on the clinical indications. If you have recent labs done by your PCP please bring them for your initial visit. In a lot of cases we would recommend an EKG done at your PCP office and in some instances we will recommend an examination by a specialist.

Since our treatment is unique for each client, there is lot of time spent in research, consultation with pharmacies and experts, working with unique distributors, continuous training to be up to date with the latest in the industry as well as formulating individualized prescriptions.

Office/Skype Visits

1 Hour (45 min. face to face) $350
30 minute visit (20 min. face to face) $175
20 minutes or less (10-15 min. face to face) $120

Phone Consultations

10 minutes or less (5-7 min. phone contact) $60
More than 10 minutes charged at the same cost as office visits


Time and Charges includes visit time and post-call documentation time.

How much would the IV therapy cost?

The price for the IV therapy varies based on the type and number of components that are used but approximate cost would be between $75 and $350 per session.  If a 12-15 session package is purchased then there would be a 20% discount.

How long would the IV treatment take?

The length of the IV drip sessions are 1.5-2 hours to 3.5-4 hours depending on the amount of components being used.  Sometmes the time is shorter if we use an “IV push” instead of the IV drip.  The frequency could be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or 2-3 times a week, depending on the condition being treated.  You could purchase one treatment at a time or a 12-15 sessions for a 20% discount.

What is the best way to make an appointment?

We offer a few ways to request an appointment.  You could call our main number 303-656-9841 or our scheduling number 303-740-4897 directly.  You could also email us at semperiuvenis1@gmail.com.  When you contact us please be ready to provide your email address.  Once the appointment is made you will receive an email with a link to your patient online portal.  Here, you would need to complete your health questionnaire prior to your first visit (and a shorter update for each follow-up visit).  You can also use the online portal to request/modify appointments, send requests for refills, check your lab results and list of medications/nutrients and send messages to our staff.