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You literally ARE what you eat at cellular level.   All that goes into your body, food, drinks, water you shower with, lotions and cosmetic products you use, the air you breath will, after being processed by your body, become part of the genetic makeup of your cells that controls all the functions in your body.  There is no way to overstate the importance of using healthy foods, organic products (including your cosmetic ingredients) and making sure your body has the right amount of nutrients and vitamins.

Some supplements should only be used if and when you are deficient, or during periods of stress, illness or increased exercise.  Others are supplements that you would need on a regular basis to maintain your general health and others added as you age due to the body’s decrease production.

Our office has developed strong relationships with high quality distributors, manufacturers and compounding pharmacies.  Sometimes your supplements might be in the form of a capsule, sometimes a powder or drops, etc.

In this area you can chose to buy a store brand item or not.  We do not recommend buying anything in a store due to the fact that the manufacturing companies usually do not have the same high level quality ingredients nor are they following the same process to ensure their products are standardized (in other words that what they say is in the product it is actually there).  Our recommended partners (manufacturers, distributors, compounding pharmacies) use an independent third party that is evaluating their products for potency and accuracy.

Just as when using hormone replacement therapy, we would be monitoring your progress by following your symptoms and lab tests in most cases.  If you choose to use a store brand supplement, you will find most times you will not make progress.  Even if you think the store brand is cheaper, it is usually what you pay for. In addition, we found that for the most commonly used replacements, we could order a personalized vitamin that costs the same or less than buying the supplements separately (especially with more complex supplements where you will find a duplication of some of the ingredients in several bottles of products you buy).

Here are the links to the companies we recommend,  You can use them to purchase products online directly from the company:  Use Code: E28  The Clinic would have to purchase the products for you at this time.