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Menopause often brings on symptoms that can change your life….they can start a few years before your menstrual periods stop.  And sometimes can last years after you are diagnosed with menopause.

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You do not have to suffer with menopause or peri-menopause symptoms.  We can help you get fast relief for:

-hot flashes
-“foggy brain”
-weight gain
-night sweats
-aging skin
-mood and sleep disturbance and more.

We apply an individualized approach for each client as the symptoms and interventions are unique to each woman. Initially we will check your hormone levels to assess if you have indeed reached menopause or are peri-menopausal.  Checking your levels of estrogens and progesterone will guide us in establishing the right dosage of supplementation you need.  It is important to regularly check the estrogens and progesterone levels to finely tune the amount of hormone replacement you need.  Other hormone levels like testosterone, DHEA, thyroid and cortisol are also significant.  In addition, we recommend monitoring the hormone metabolites (the break-down products of hormones as they are processed by the body) in urine.  They would give us information about your hormone levels and if the healthy break-down pathways of hormones are used by your body.  Using vitamins, supplements and botanical support can help your body metabolize the hormones in a safer, healthier way.

Hormone replacement can be achieved in a variety of ways: by mouth (tablets or lozenges), cream applied to skin, vaginal topical products or patches.  Once the right amount of hormone is determined, multiple hormones can be incorporated in the same product to help simplify application.  It is important to follow up with your provider regularly and inform us of any changes in your symptoms or medical conditions.

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