• Health Maintenance: if you are in good health we can help you maximize your ability to feel and function at your best.  Most of us work busy and stressful jobs, try to exercise which sometimes increases our level of stress even more.  A careful evaluation of your nutritional needs, hormone imbalance, risk factors for cardiac disease and others would be part of our evaluation and intervention plan.
  • Medical grade vitamins, nutrients and herbal supplements.
  • Hormone replacement therapy for women: estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, pregnenolone, adrenal, DHEA and thyroid are the most common.
  • Hormone replacement therapy for men
  • Athletic Enhancement-exercise can be a stress in itself.  You can maximize your performance and avoid injuries.
  • IV nutrition for a variety of conditions.
  • Anti-aging interventions
  • Metabolic Medicine
  • Weight management